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What We Do And How We Can Help

What We Do And How We Can Help

| June 25, 2019

Imagine this scenario: you work hard and you diligently save, but then you hear rumors that the market is about to take a dive. Or the market does hit a downturn and you see big losses in your account. What do you do? Do you take all your money and put it in less risky investments, sacrificing growth? Or do you cross your fingers and hope that your money will be there when you need it? 

Most of us have probably experienced anxiety when it comes to the markets and our money. But you don’t have to live in fear or risk potential growth just because the markets are unpredictable. What you need is an advisor who will help you design a personalized plan, tailored to your life, personality, and goals, so you can make the best investment decisions for your situation. That’s how Setchfield Asset Management can help you.

What We Do

As an independent financial advisory firm that’s been in business for over 20 years, we’ve seen a lot of trends and helped clients through many market cycles. We’ve seen how easy it is for people to get into trouble by making emotional financial decisions in tough times, so we developed our unique financial planning approach based on objectivity and discipline, with plenty of room for customization. Our time-tested strategy reduces risk when the markets are in turmoil and adds risk when things settle down, all so you can grow your wealth in a prudent way. 

At the heart of what we do is relationship. We take the time to get to know you, learn what makes you tick, and understand the “why” behind your goals and dreams. Only with that foundation can we provide you with the services you need for your unique situation. Our comprehensive approach to wealth management covers 13 wealth management issues that are important for each client to address in order to experience a worry-free retirement.

Who We Serve

While we work with a diverse range of clients, the majority of them are retirees, teachers, and federal employees. Our clients come from many different backgrounds and professions, but they all have these two things in common: they’ve worked hard their whole life and want to make sure their money will be there for them for as long as they need it. They all have different needs and concerns to address along the way and know the value of a disciplined approach to financial planning. 

What Makes Us Different

There are a lot of advisors out there, but we believe there are a number of reasons why our clients choose to work for us. For one, our logical, simple strategies are built so that anyone can understand them and see the value in them. We don’t use complicated financial jargon and instead take the time to educate our clients so they can build the confidence they need to go after their goals. 

Second, we offer unparalleled service and build long-term relationships. Our staff is made up of experienced professionals who use a hands-on approach and are available to you 24/7. Our commitment to excellence stems from the fact that we truly care about your life. Your dreams are our dreams, and we are passionate about helping you make them a reality. 

Our Goal For You

Through our services, planning process, and high-touch approach, we hope to help you sleep better at night knowing your finances are being watched over by a dedicated and trusted team of professionals. We hope you can focus on their passions in life knowing that we’re here to watch over their financial strategies and investments. 

Are you looking for a financial partner you can trust to objectively guide you toward your goals and help you navigate volatile markets? If you’d like to learn more about Setchfield Asset Management’s unique process and how we may be able to help you work toward your financial goals, reach out to us for a free introductory meeting. Email me at or call (303) 627-1099 to get started.

About Steve

Steve Setchfield is chief investment strategist at Setchfield Asset Management, an independent financial advisory firm. With almost 30 years of experience, Steve serves his clients by keeping them out of financial trouble in volatile markets, using a low-key, rules-based approach to investing and helping them with every aspect of their financial lives. Steve studied finance at the Metropolitan State University of Denver and spent several years working at Shearson Lehman Brothers and Kemper Securities before founding his own independent firm so he could offer objective, personalized advice and strategies. Steve is a Colorado native and enjoys skiing and other outdoor activities. He spends his free time volunteering for Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Colorado and coaching wrestling in the Cherry Creek school system. In 2003, Steve was a living kidney donor for his uncle who suffered from polycystic kidney disease. To learn more about Steve, connect with him on LinkedIn.